View Full Version : My final (3rd post) today lol! - CD32 opinions wanted!

20th January 2012, 17:51
Just wondered if anybody had bought one of the multiple listings on Ebay of:

CD32 Dust Cover
Simon The Sorcerer (NEW)

I just wondered if they were worth getting?

I also read somewhere that Simon The Sorcerer takes up a lot of the internal memory to save???

There is also a copy of jewel-cased Beavers CD32 and just wondered how rare it is?? as it is a little more expensive than most games!?

Thank you and no more questions today I promise :)x

21st January 2012, 02:57
I wont touch a Simon the Sorcerer game with a long enough stick, that's because I truly hate that game. Otherwise it's a valid purchase to you for grow your own opinion.

Which might be the same.

A dust cover for a console... hmm...


Sorry for being so negative.

21st January 2012, 04:19
I think StS is a really good game. Probably the 2nd best in that genre to Monkey Island. :)