View Full Version : A2000: Is my floppy drive controller buggered?

3rd June 2009, 20:04
Hi all,

I've got a wierd problem.
My A2000 has started doing something strange.
If I put a write-protected disk in any drive (internal or external) it's fine, but if I put a write-enabled disk in any drive, it corrupts the data beyond recognition, even on my known working external drive.

When it corrupts the disk, you don't even need to attempt to write to the disk, it corrupts it upon AmigaDOS reading the disk.

I doubt it's a virus, as I've run several virus checkers and they don't pick anything up.

For information, the A2000 is the following:

- Amiga 2000 NTSC model (unsure of mobo rev)
- Kickstart 1.3 & Workbench 1.3.3
- 2x Internal floppy drives
- A2091 SCSI controller with 2GB SCSI drive

Although not always connected, I've also tried an external drive (as DF2:) and that has the same problem, but is fine on my other Amigas

I suspect my floppy controller chip is knackered.

btw. it's not just in AmigaDOS that this happens ..... even attempting to do a CheckDisk in Xcopy Pro on a write-enabled disk will destroy it's contents (and checkdisk doesn't write anything !?!)

4th June 2009, 06:59
isnt that a OFS-FFS issue ? kick 1.3 even cant read FFS disks properly if they are created under kick 2.0?
you can also try to swap CIA chips

5th June 2009, 18:58
The disks that were problematic were created on 1.3 and were OFS.
However, the A2000 is now no longer :(
The PSU died, the CIA chips are dodgy and the battery has leaked, making a proper mess!

Need a new A2000 :( (and after I spent the dosh getting those DIP RAM chips too!)