View Full Version : Magic Workbench help

23rd January 2012, 19:15
I have just installed magic workbench on my A600 wich is bog standard apart from a 1mb trapdoor upgrade. All of the icons on the desktop look huge and the text is blurry. I have chose 8 colours but if i try and change anything else it just looks worse.

Any ideas?


23rd January 2012, 19:24
What kind of display are you using? a TV or monitor?

And, how are you connected to your display? RF lead? Composite? Scart? :)

23rd January 2012, 19:25
Hi mate, connected to a portable tv and using scart to av i think?:blink:

23rd January 2012, 19:28
So its plugged into the yellow RCA socket on the back of the A600?

Hmm, The picture should be THAT bad on composite :blink: Have you tried plugging it in using another cable?

23rd January 2012, 19:36
Yup, the icons are massive on the workbench screen and text is rubbish. Set to 640 dpi

23rd January 2012, 20:09
Have you tried changing the font? Might help the text look a bit clearer :)