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23rd January 2012, 21:05
Hi all, i am planning to pimp my original xbox a little by installing some LED's for HDD and LAN activity.

I have a green led in front of me that is from an empty pc case so i decided i'd take a punt tonight and see how easy it was to add the HDD activity.

I have no idea when it comes to electronics so i was following this tutorial (http://xbox-scene.com/articles/hdd-led2.php).

It says i need to use a 220ohm Resistor. I didn't have any 220ohm but i did have some 10k (10000ohm as far as i'm aware).

So i proceeded to install the LED using the 10k resistor and it works although the LED is very dim. I figured this is because i used the 10k and the resistance is too high so i removed the resistor and soldered the wires directly to the LED without any resistor. It works and is a lot brighter.

I've removed it for the time being while i asked this question and wait for an answer.


Does is matter which way round the resistor goes? i.e. is there a positive and negative?

By not using a resistor am i only risking the LED getting damaged or could this damage my HDD too?



23rd January 2012, 21:27
You can chuck resistors in anyway round mate :thumbsup:

The resistors are used to limit the current to the LED, it will probably shorten its life but the danger of not using a resistor is if the LED short circuits then it would kill the driver circuit on the HD, doubt it would stop the HD from actually working.

220 to 470 ohms are good values to use.

TC ;)

23rd January 2012, 21:33
Thanks TC, i'm ordering some led's from ebay so i'll order some 220's as well.