View Full Version : Wanted - A602 CHIP RAM MEMORY EXPANSION (Amiga A600)

30th March 2008, 22:42
Any one still stock these??

Or have one to sell??


/Rave :)

18th April 2008, 15:34

hello there my fellow EAB'er

recently due to a couple of project i have an A602 1MB chip upgrade with RTC and Clock port up for grabs, i think i got it for 30, you can have it for 20 +pnp of a couple of quid i think it is.

Up for much PM'ery if your interested :)

On a side note... if you are not scared of a little soldering i can provide you with some chips and schematics and pictures of how to hack a piggy back module of your own :) however if you fry your a600... it wasn't me :)

28th July 2014, 12:37
MODS, please close this thread.

Thank you.