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7th June 2009, 01:03
I've heard you can put a CD drive with a 1200. What does this entice, and does it need case modding? If it does I'm gonna hold off. I also was thinking of replacing the PSU, since the initial is puny at 27w. I plan on eventually getting the full nine yards (Nic, VGA(flicker fix?) and accelerator (:bowdown: all hail blizzard ppc) as soon as I can muster the hard bargain.

7th June 2009, 04:52
Hiyas Dreamy

It will need some case modding, but a with patience anything is possible, you can even do it to an A600!





have a read of the full kit here (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=27727&highlight=A600)

okay thats enough hardware pron in one post ;) :D

7th June 2009, 10:28
i have seen peeps run an ide cable out the back of thier 1200 without modding the case, not pretty but functional


9th June 2009, 12:52
Running an IDE cable out of the case was the original way of doing it years ago before slimline laptop drives were easy to get hold of. I saw loads of full sized CD-Rom drives hooked up to A1200's that way. Ugly, but it did work.

But these days you can find a slimline laytop style CD or DVD drive for next to nothing, or pulled from a dead laptop. Fairly easy to setup too. You will need the following:

CD/DVD drive
Buffered IDE interface
IDE cables
Power supply Y-Splitter cable
A copy of IDEFix software

And of course, an A1200.

As shown in Zetr0's picture most people rear mount the laptop drives inside the A1200 and cut a square out of the plastic casing to allow it to fit through and be accessed from the rear of the case. To mount the drive inside the A1200 I use adhesive Velcro strips so the drive can be easily removed later if needed.

A buffered IDE interface is needed to connect the drive and a HDD to the A1200 at the same time. You can be cheap Buffered IDE interfaces for about 11 and they work perfectly. Take a look at Amigakit.com as they sell them. To hook it all up you connect the Buffered IDE interface to the A1200's existing internal IDE HDD port. You then connect a HDD and the CD/DVD drive to the buffered IDE interface.

And finally you have to provide power to the CD/DVD drive. This is where the Power supply Y-Splitter cable comes in. You can take power from the A1200's internal floppy drive power connector, but you will normally also want to keep power to the floppy drive as well, so you replace the existing power cable between the motherboard and the floppy drive with one that has two cables to run to the floppy drive and to the CD/DVD drive. Make sure you check what sort of connectors you need for the two drives so you have the right connectors.

Once that is done and the drive is hooked up to the IDE and power and mounted inside the case, the last thing to do is make it work. To do this you need to install some software called IDEFix'97. You can download a free unregistered version from aminet to get this to work, but when unregistered you will get a register message every time you boot the system. And it is worth registering the software if you can. The installation of IDEFix is fairly easy as the installer walks you through the process. And once installed and the system rebooted it should load CDs to the Workbench desktop.

9th June 2009, 13:28
sorry, i thought he said he didn't want to mod the case

9th June 2009, 14:02
You are right. I missed that bit of his initial post. He did only say he would hold off if it was needed. So hopefully the info we have posted will be of use later. It is after all so much nicer to have the drive inside the A1200 instead of hanging around outside. Makes it neater, easer to move, and just much nicer having everything inside the original casing. Looks the same as a vanilla A1200, but with hidden extras. :)

9th June 2009, 14:03
There is a PCMCIA slot on the side of the machine, you can connect all sorts of devices through it (especially with a Squirrel SCSI interface or something like), and it's plenty fast enough for a CD drive.

9th June 2009, 14:51
That is indeed another option. The first CD-Rom drive I had connected to my A1200 was actually via a PCMCIA Squirrel SCSI controller connected to a 4x Speed external CD-Rom drive. Bought that from Power Computing many years ago. And I actually still have it, but don't use it, so I might be interested in selling that.