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29th January 2012, 16:37
Let me first explain what I've done (wrong).
I found a custom BIOS for my Bung Doctor V64 which allows the use of a HDD instead of the CD Drive. I downloaded it, followed the (very crap) instructions and it installed fine. What I then discovered was I accidently installed an early development version which had no menus and only worked with a RAW partition. In short terms - it's unusable. It also means I cannot reflash the unit as I had done before via CD. Luckly, the V64 I have has a removable EPROM so it can be reflashed if I had a EPROM programmer. Now this is the tricky bit - I don't know that much about EPROM programming so was wondering if anyone can help me either if you already have a programmer and could flash it for me or point me in the direction of one that'll work.

The EPROM chip is a W29EE011-15

I was looking at this one on EvilBay. Is it any good?


29th January 2012, 17:19
I am burning Amiga roms with that burner and an adapter. You need to power it through usb or better psu.

It works for me. (once I put the rom in the right oriantation) :lol: I never had problems, exept with to slow roms not suited for the job.

29th January 2012, 17:24
I have a Willem programmer here as well, and they are decent units. There are some things to be careful of though.

Sometimes, when you have devices with high power requirements for writing, such as the 2716, you need a 9Vdc AC adapter with the Willem, however, that eprom writes with +5v, so, you should be ok there using a powered USB port on a PC.

You need a system with a parallel port to program a device. I know this seems obvious, but, most modern day PC's (at least here in the US) no longer include parallel ports.

The software for the Willem is "ok", but, I am unable to run it in Windows 7 64-bit. I have to keep a PC around with Windows XP on it to program with this device. There is open source software for this which can be used from any flavor of linux, but, I haven't tried it myself.

Lastly, the Willem requires some fiddling to get it right. For example, a device may require +5v to program, but, the Willem needs to be set for 6v, or 6.5v. Also, it's very important that you make sure that the programmer will support the device without socket adapters. I believe though that the eprom you are trying to program is 32 pin, which is the size of the Willem zif socket.

Finally, that programmer you are looking at is pretty old, there have been a few iterations since with various improvements.

Something like this would be better: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SIVAVA-Willem-EPROM-Programmer-PCB50B-BIOS-PIC-ECU-MCU-/250960296928?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item3a6e663be0

Sorry to sound so negative, it's actually a great programmer once you get it working. I just don't want to see you pay for a paper weight. :thumbsup:

30th January 2012, 07:04

In my opinion ElCheapo Willems are good for time to time jobs and for Amiga Kickstarts (I have one of this programmers).

But finally I decided to get one of the middle range programmers. It's a Wellon 490 (former 590), of course is a bit expensive, but I'm very happy with this purchase. It can programm a lot of devices and the software updates are great and works in all x32-x64 windows.

Best wishes

30th January 2012, 07:33
if you have update via software, you can update via software again, no need a programmer, you need only the right file for your eprom

30th January 2012, 20:09
Thanks for all your advice guys. I tracked down the bloke who originally wrote the custom BIOS and he's sending me a replacement EPROM.

I'll tell you what, there are some damn good people out there!

31st January 2012, 02:38
Looks like an electrical erasable flash chip and states: "in-system reprogramming."
If you do end up buying a willem in the future though, do not spend the 125 pounds or whatever. I bought my v5 for 23USD and the listing you posted was old.
Mine is only used for C64 and SNES roms but hopefully Genesis and NES later on.

31st January 2012, 11:22
But finally I decided to get one of the middle range programmers. It's a Wellon 490 (former 590), of course is a bit expensive, but I'm very happy with this purchase. It can programm a lot of devices and the software updates are great and works in all x32-x64 windows.

I had an older wellon (VP-180) and while it was ok, I wasn't particularly happy with it. They dropped support for it now, so no 64 bit driver. When it was new the software was buggy & it really put me off them.

I would recommend this http://www.mcumall.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=4282 to anyone who is a casual user who needs a programmer.

It's very likely you'll need this adapter too though http://www.mcumall.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=4289

The willem is cheap, but not user friendly. If you have a PC with a real parallel port and are technically minded then it could save you a bit of money. But the willem needs an adapter for 16bit roms too.