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3rd February 2012, 21:54

I bought this card here but cant get any signal out of it, so before I come to the very sad conclusion that the card is DOA, I'd appreciate any advice!

The card was tested in my stock A4000/030, which currently has a perfectly working C= A2320 FF/SD installed.
Motherboard & PSU were recapped a year ago, the only Zorro card in the machine is a GVP I/O Extender, everything has been working great for the past year+.

When I replaced the A2320 with the CompuServ, my LCD monitor reported "no signal".
I tried two other LCD monitors which behaved the same.
At that point I tried a CRT monitor, which behaved slightly differently - the "no signal" appeared & disappeared rapidly & the monitor turned itself off & on every few seconds, there was no picture.

I then put back the A2320 & tested all monitors again, it worked flawlessly.

I tried setting jumper J1 on the card to 1-2 and 2-3, without any change.
I also did a quick inspection under a magnifying glass, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary, card looks perfectly intact.

It looks like the card is dead but maybe I'm missing something :help:


3rd February 2012, 22:02
Did you try cleaning the contacts on the card and reseating?

3rd February 2012, 22:05
Yes, cleaned with alcohol.
In fact the contacts look really good, no signs of corrosion or dirt.

Tried re-seating multiple times, also tried not pushing the card all the way in.

4th February 2012, 17:48
Update: the card has now been tested on two other A4000D's, same results :(

4th February 2012, 22:57
Defintely sounds like a dud card. When I got my card I had to change the jumper and that's it, there isn't much else you can do with them.

7th February 2012, 22:25
Just wanted to update there has been a strange development!

All A4000 units I tested with this card were Rev B, today I finished re-capping a Rev D (A4000cr) I recently got and the card WORKS with this motherboard :o

This was a surprise, I was about to get the card ready for shipment back to the seller!
Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

7th February 2012, 23:33
No idea, but does it now work on the rev B ones too?

8th February 2012, 15:08
No (I didnt expect it to magically start working), but the A2320 FF works fine on all machines.

I wasnt able to find any info about this card having problems with Rev B boards, I'm really curious to find out why this happens.
After all, as I understand, SD/FF cards are passive & should not be affected by anything as long as they get power & the video signals they require.

8th February 2012, 23:33
You may have to do some detective's work on these rev B's then - similarities & differences between them and the rev D. Exactly how many rev B's failed with the Comp Serv?

9th February 2012, 07:00

Two units failed

9th February 2012, 18:46
Same Lisa chip (C=, NCR or HP) on both (and different on rev D) ?