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5th February 2012, 09:40
Hi to all :)

Finally I started to mount my A1200 PPC tower, but I need a little help.

- My BPPC have the "AAA Hack"... the standard battery has been removed by the last owner and now have a socket for two AAA batteries installed (BPPC-wires-AAA batteries). My question is which batteries I need?... alkaline ones or rechargeables NiMH?


- If I decide to install a new battery socket for coin batteries... which battery I need? one standard CR2032 3v? Maybe anoter one?

and.... last?

- Where is the pin 1 of the SCSI onboard connector, in the manual (DE) I cannot see.

Thanks in advance :)

5th February 2012, 09:42

CR2032 3v is just fine

Pass on the last question

5th February 2012, 09:44

CR2032 3v is just fine

Pass on the last question

Thanks for the info mate :thumbsup:

Just one question remaining..... :)

5th February 2012, 09:50
hi mate
is there a diode inline with battery holder if so normal aaa can be used if not you need rechargable

but i would sugest to chage to coin and if you want normal coin battery you need a diode in line so power goes to rtc circuit and not back to battery

but if rechargeable coin is used no diode needed

sorry cant he with scsi

5th February 2012, 09:57
You need to look at the hack if a diode is present you can use non rechargable batteries.

then plus wire has a diode in it doing this --->----

or - wire ----<-----

If a diode is not present nimh or nicad.


I do have some reservations regarding this hack, since I am not sure how loading is handled on the card. Normally NIHM needs a chip to be charged.

Though at 2% or 3% at it's capacity it should not be problematic. And then I wondering if you use big batteries won't it take to much power of the card and take some track with it?

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I know advice above is not default answer - but I think replacing with NIHM is not alway's ideal.

About the scsi is there no small hook up clip on the connector and the cable?

5th February 2012, 10:02
here is english version


looking at pic wire comes away from board so only goes this way

5th February 2012, 11:14
Hi guys :)

Thanks for the fast answers, manual, and all the help :thumbsup:

I will check the wires and as I have some new battery sockets, maybe I will try to install one of these. About the diode....... I need a special one? direction ---->---- or -----<----- ? connected to the + ?

5th February 2012, 11:37
for battery + to mobo the direction is --->-----

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http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=14600 I have one kit left. It was a backup for complaints.

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Diode type is in thread as well!

5th February 2012, 11:53
Here ya go :thumbsup:

5th February 2012, 12:04
Thanks to all guys :thumbsup:

I really love this :grouphug: community :grouphug:

5th February 2012, 12:20
Hi to all :smile:
- If I decide to install a new battery socket for coin batteries... which battery I need? one standard CR2032 3v? Maybe anoter one?

The identical replacement battery is the Panasonic VL-2020 (rechargeable). Same as on the Blizzard 1260, 1230 MKIV.
These are easily found on ebay because they were also used in the key of some BMW model(s).
You can buy it either with the +/- 'legs' already punched on for a direct installation, or as just the coin if you source an appropriate socket.

The CR2032 + diode will do fine as already suggested but I am not sure the legs of the standard socket will fit! They seem to be wider apart compared to the VL-2020 assembly, you should verify this.

I desoldered a standard CR2032 socket from a PC motherboard to replace the dead battery on my KCS Power PC board (which had punched-in legs) only to face the problem I mentioned. I had to hack the underside of the socket a bit to shorten the legs' distance so it would somewhat match the board's +/- holes. I don't know if sockets with shorter legs distance exist.

19th April 2012, 11:12
Hi again,

Yesterday, when I've finished to mount my A1200 PPC tower project.... Don't work...... :overactor:

So, desperate I have decided to open the window and :computertrash:

But before to do a "crime" like this I :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: and at night I dismounted all and started an accurate inspection of all hw:


Mi mobo it's a 1D4 and long time a go I have made the timming fixes and the AGA mod.

Well with my new magnifier lamp :p I noticed a fault in the AGA mod (E127R) because the two points are bad joined. So, time to solder it again.

No more failures detected :)


This one I have bought with the "AA hack" to replace the standard battery :blink:. So, closer inspection and I see the wires +/- are bad soldered at the PCB :(.. Crossing fingers I have desoldered the wires and cleaned the surface very carefully (I have ordered some Panasonic VL-2020 batteries).


I replaced the old one with a spare and good Chieftec 600w I have on my desk (yes, I know is too much but I don't have other :p )


System mounted again and.............. :thumbsup2: WORKS GREAT!!!!!!! :thumbsup2:

Another A1200 PPC comes to life :D

This night it's time to :pint::beer::drinkin::beer::pint:and celebrate a bit.

When I have time I will open a thread with a lot of pics.

19th April 2012, 11:31
Congrats my friend & great detective work :thumbsup:

Look forward to seeing the end results :)

19th April 2012, 11:36
Congrats my friend & great detective work :thumbsup:

Look forward to seeing the end results :)

Hi Steve

Thanks for the kind words my friend. Lot of pics are promised... :)

All the best.

10th May 2012, 10:04
Hi again,

Well, today I'm at home, so I have a little time to work again with my A1200 project....

First of all I have cleaned (again) my BPPC & CVPPC, contacts, .... then I have soldered a new Panasonic VL-2020 battery.

Mounted all boards again and now the system works fine with clock :lol:

Only I have a little issue with the BVPPC.... Updated CGX4 works fine at 1152x864 16 bit and 1024x768 16 bit (60 Hz) but image on the screen appears like with little interferences on my LCD LED TV/Monitor... curiously not all times... :blink:

I used three diferent BVPPC video cables (the old one and two new ones)...

Any idea? :help:

Thanks in advance