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14th June 2009, 17:35
Hi there,

I have boxed versions of the following for sale:

VistaPro 3, with manual. 5 + postage, weight 500gms. Includes manual & floppy disks, box slightly crushed but ok.

Art Department Professional, 5 + postage, weight 1500gms. Includes very heavy manual and floppy disks.

Non - boxed software:

Deluxe Paint IV, floppy disks and manual. 3 + postage, weight 600gms

Wordworth & Print Manager, version which came with Desktop Dynamite compilation. Floppy disks and manual. 1.00 + postage, weight 500gms

GoldED 6 on CD, with serial number. 5 + postage, weight 150gms.

FXScan 3 CD, with serial number. 3 + postage, weight 150gms.

GlowIcon CD for AmigaOS 3.5, 3 + postage, weight 150gms.

You can check the postage to your country from mine (Jersey, Channel Islands) here:


Please add on any insurance you might want: Signed for or Special Delivery does cost extra but might be worth it.

I take Paypal.

Thanks for looking :thumbsup2:

18th October 2012, 11:52
Still have ADPro ? Which version ?

18th October 2012, 12:30
is DPaint IV still available?

18th October 2012, 13:13
Post is old but if still valid I declare interest in ADPro and in VistaPro.
Thanks to PM me if available.