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7th February 2012, 16:39
Anyone know where I can buy a USB3 2 port front panel to fit into a 3.5" bay?

My case only has USB2 ports built into its front panel so I would like to add the ability to connect to USB3 from the front of the case for a couple of USB3 memory sticks I've just picked up.

My motherboard has a USB3 header (Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3) so I want one that connects to that, rather than the pass-through one I've already seen which has to plug into a port on the back of the motherboard.

The unit would also need to be black to match my Coolermaster Sniper storm Black Edition Case.

7th February 2012, 16:59
This any good?


9th February 2012, 15:37
Thanks. Sadly that is still plugging into an external USB3 port, so would need to be routed out the back of the case into one of them. My motherboard has a 19pin USB 3 header on the motherboard to provide an extra 3 USB3 ports to the frontpanel.

Annoying I can't find one that will work with that.

9th February 2012, 15:40

This plus the front panel already mentioned?

9th February 2012, 15:43
Just found this official Asus one (that comes with the higher Deluxe version of my motherboard), and is what I'm after:


and full details:


But I can't find any being sold in the UK.

9th February 2012, 15:53
Seems Amazon.co.uk have it listed but with no product image, no details about the product, and no reviews. Not prepared to pay for something with no description or image. Found some on ebay, but located in USA.

9th February 2012, 15:58
5.25 INCH


9th February 2012, 16:01

Too low a price to attract any tax and should be with you in about a week.

Or one from the UK...

*corrected link!

9th February 2012, 16:01
@jvdbossc (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=1655). Cheers, but is only USB2, but cheers for the link.

I think I've found an official one being sold on ebay in the UK now... not it is very strange no one seems to sell it in any uk computer stores. US stores seem to have it as an accessory you can buy.

@thecellartroll (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=4307). Cheers. I might get that UK one as it has free postage and is about the same price as the RRP.

9th February 2012, 16:02

I think this can convert it.. no problems mate

9th February 2012, 16:09
USB 3 headers are more complex than older USB2/1 headers. They are long 19 pin connectors, which is why I've had the problem finding them.

Someone on ebay is listing one a lot cheaper, so I've sent a message to see if it is a real one or an after market one. Might have found one at a bargain price if he confirms is genuine.

9th February 2012, 18:02
Dave if you find a good source do tell, I am a P8Z68-V (1stgen) user :D

9th February 2012, 20:42
USB 3 headers are more complex than older USB2/1 headers. They are long 19 pin connectors, which is why I've had the problem finding them.

Someone on ebay is listing one a lot cheaper, so I've sent a message to see if it is a real one or an after market one. Might have found one at a bargain price if he confirms is genuine.

I missed somehow the usb 3.0 part.. sorry.. It is indeed getting complex to solder


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I noticed you found what you needed - I found this one looking for a pci-e combination for usb 3.0

9th February 2012, 20:43
@ H

You can get one here:-




9th February 2012, 20:45

11th February 2012, 01:34
A great end result. I've managed to get an official Asus 2 port front panel USB 3 box (as bundled with the more expensive Deluxe version of my motherboard), for under half the RRP. Finally won't need to crawl under desk to plug USB 3 sticks into the back of the PC. :)

14th February 2012, 16:28
The official Asus USB 3 box front panel arrived today from an ebay seller. Nice seller too. He emailed me and said he was worried because when he went to pack the device he discovered it had a scratch on the top of the metal housing and he gave me a partial refund. Very nice. The scratch isn't anything to worry about, just a large single scratch in the black paintwork on the top of the metal casing. Once installed in the case it won't be seen.


14th February 2012, 17:03
Good luck with it mate, I just bought an usb 3 hard disk. (for speed of backups)

Waiting for other upgrades to open my case...

I saw my case (the amiga x1000 look a like case) having usb 3 these days in front.. instead of sata... Mmm thinking about hotglue...

14th February 2012, 17:34
It's now installed and working. Just tested it with a USB3 flash memory stick and seems to be working well. No more crawling under and around the back of the system to use USB3!

it does seem odd that a lot of case makers are still not putting USB3 ports into the front of their cases as standard. Maybe due to it not being compatible with USB2/1 headers on motherboards? I did read that Cooler Master might be releasing USB3 upgrades to upgrade their case front panels to USB3, but now I have this installed I shouldn't need it as I have 4 USB3 ports available (2 front + 2 rear).

I definitely think USB3 is going to slowly become the standard connection for all devices. E-SATA has had its day. And Firewire can't be far behind, although still useful at the moment to have that as most video cameras are still Firewire.

Here's a picture of it installed:


14th February 2012, 20:01
awesome! will search for one too...