View Full Version : 64 pin CPU socket needed ?

8th February 2012, 07:54
My 2000 which has battery damage - a little worse than I thought! - needs a CPU socket.

I see them on eBay but I have a suspicion they will be too narrow for a 68000

What socket is it I require?

In know it's 64 pin

Thanks mike.

8th February 2012, 08:02
Two of these is all you need mate.


I stopped keeping mixed socket sizes in stock long ago, just a good supply of these ;)
and only order in specific ones for planned upgrades.

Tip solder 1 pin first and ensure the row is sitting square to the mobo before soldering the rest.

TC :cool:

8th February 2012, 08:22
Thanks , I was going to find a socket but hell these are just the job.

I've used these before and yes they'll do a treat.

Thank you