View Full Version : For Sale 64 pin DIL / DIP Sockets (for 68000 etc)

8th February 2012, 15:33
Hi there,

Just bought a batch of 68k sockets. :)
I only needed one to repair Paul_s's Amiga 2000 and I was hoping to recover the cost of having to order the excess.

They have turned pins, nice high-quality sockets.


There are 4x (four) available.

3 each, 1 PnP.

EUR 3.60 each, EUR 2.40 PnP.

Many thanks. :)

8th February 2012, 16:12
I think mjnurney might need one of these?? Mike? :)

8th February 2012, 16:18
Just bought some from the other 'bay or I would of. Sorry guys

8th February 2012, 16:31
Cheers anyway fellas. :thumbsup:

8th February 2012, 16:43
If my new socket doesn't fix the old girl I maybe asking for assistance in its reserection lol

25th June 2013, 17:09

I would like to buy a socket of you if you have any left!
Do you ship to sweden?

25th June 2013, 21:32
Hi Falken,

Sure, I still have all of them! :)
Shipping to Sweden is no problem at all mate.

I'll send you a PM with my PayPal details. :thumbsup:

25th June 2013, 21:35
Hi Falken,

Sure, I still have all of them! :)
Shipping to Sweden is no problem at all mate.

I'll send you a PM with my PayPal details. :thumbsup:
Dale old chap how are ya keepin?! :)

Just wanted to add in that Falken needs 2 or more posts before he can PM :thumbsup:

25th June 2013, 21:37
Hiya Taj, long time no speak mate. :)

Thanks for the heads-up, I forgot about the limitation on new members.
Will Falken be able to read my PM okay?

Cheers! :)

25th June 2013, 21:38
Yeah its been a while buddy :) Hope all is good with yourself and the new direction is working out well :thumbsup:

I think he can read it, he should be able to read it via the email notification too.

25th June 2013, 21:44
Ah excellent :)

Yes thankyou - just finished my year of college, waiting for the official results but it's looking like distinctions/top grades all round, so I'm pretty much set for Newcastle University in September! Very excited :D

I've been quiet, but have been lurking :) Summertime means projects get worked on, so I have been pretty busy behind the scenes!

I might post in my old thread with an update to keep this thread on-topic. :thumbsup:

Hope everything's good with yourself too mate!

25th June 2013, 21:49
Glad it is all going well!!

Im not bad too thanks :) Will stop posting here to keep the thread tidy but great to see you on Dale :bowdown:

25th June 2013, 22:02
OK so now I will be able to PM :-)

26th June 2013, 11:09
im interested in one of these if you still have them.

would you accept cash?

26th June 2013, 16:19
Hi Roy,

Sure thing, I have 3 more left. Would you like one? :)

When you say cash, do you mean like putting some money in an envelope and sending it to me? Either way, I don't mind at all :)


26th June 2013, 16:57
yes mate,i would very much like one of these sockets for a project please.

yes i would like to send cash in an envelope,could you send me a pm with you name and address please.

thanks again,roy.:)

26th June 2013, 16:59
No problem at all - PM sent mate :)

Many thanks!

27th June 2013, 16:34
Falken75's parcel dispatched today :)

Many thanks! :thumbsup:

28th June 2013, 18:41
Declaring interest in the remaining 2 sockets, if still available, please.

29th June 2013, 11:46
dil socket arrived this morning,leaving feedback now:)
thank you.

29th June 2013, 13:04

Excellent, cheers Roy!

Sorry, I meant to let you know I'd received your money yesterday and posted your socket out but I was working flat out all day. Glad you received it quickly! :)

Feedback left for you :)

Still available mate :) Responding to your PM in just a sec! :thumbsup:

29th June 2013, 13:21
its ok mate,im just glad you got it.:)

29th June 2013, 14:13
Payment sent :)

5th July 2013, 13:37
Safely received - thanks.

Off to leave feedback...