View Full Version : Closed Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (Gamecube) (PAL)

11th February 2012, 10:52
Hi folks,

I'm looking to buy Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for Gamecube (PAL).

I live in Norway and can pay through PayPal.

Hope to hear from you! :thumbsup:

9th April 2012, 19:37
Still looking for this game. :)

9th April 2012, 20:13
You can always look on Amazon at the second hand and most cube games go cheap on there and they do work as i have had a load second hand from there.

11th April 2012, 18:54
Thanks for the tip, Morcar. Will have a looksy. :)

30th July 2012, 11:42
I'm still looking for this game. If you've got it and it is just gathering dust, please contact me and maybe we can work something out. :)

30th July 2012, 15:49

Cheaper ones in auction format if you search for it

14th October 2012, 17:58
I've gotten hold of the game now. Thanks for looking! :) Thread can be closed.