View Full Version : Helping with "AT Computer things" ~A4000T

13th February 2012, 18:06
Just a note to those of us in love with our A4000's:

You can find new, Large AT Cases and a fully Amiga-identical AT power supply (well it does 400W) at interloper.com (USA). They have other stuff too, like add on PCI slots as risers/ribbons.

Batterycountry.com has the AT battery with 4-pin external connector for the A4000T's 4-pin connector -- next to coin battery -- for 17.99 (cheaper than above, plus it has resistor and diode protection). Then when your coin dies, just clip it off; then "no worries mate."

Any batteries you are not going to use immediately should be kept COLD! They last longer, just like real, old-style camera film.

The SCM PCD-50B scsi card reader works well with cybppc.device with all slots "seen;" the A4000T SCSI (2nd.scsi.device) only recognizes Slot 0. I bought 2 and had to send one back because on long accesses it "froze" the SCSI bus (I tried both in the A4000T and a GVP in an A2000), and could only be defrosted (unlocked from the bus) after a Cold reboot; I spent a week trying to figure out why and then connected the second one to find absolutely no issues at all.

Folks, look at "http://g-mb.de/A4000Ttips_e.html" for some helpful advice and mods.

Those with CS-PPC SCSI and 68-pin HD issues may find that no matter how hard they try, some VERY Common HD's will not work and others work just beautifully. [It would be helpful if there was a central list like a naughty-and-nice list; maybe Santa would help]