View Full Version : Found 1D4 A1200 Motherboard or Apollo compatable

13th February 2012, 18:51
Hi all,

does anyone have a fully working 1D4 motherboard they wish to part with?

would prefer UK to keep the carriage price down

cheers, Justin

14th February 2012, 07:29
or any Apollo compatible motherboard will do


14th February 2012, 07:58
Very easy to modify other version to be compatible: have a look here http://leblogdecosmos.blogspot.com/2012/02/timing-fix-a1200.html

14th February 2012, 10:23
Any A1200 mobo is Apollo 1260 compatible.
You just need to have good PSU and select proper SIMM modules as Apollo 1240/1260 are picky about RAM modules.
Replacing electrolitic SMD capacitors on A1200 mobo is highly recommended.

14th February 2012, 10:24
what about all the timing fixes etc?

14th February 2012, 10:28
what about all the timing fixes etc?

I don't know as I never had any issues with Apollo cards on A1200 mobos I have.

14th February 2012, 11:28
so i could be your caps mate.

also i use pc converted psus 100w AT on desktop and 300ATX on tower

ar forgit you use atx psu too in your tower

15th February 2012, 19:09
I have a 1D4 Mobo here Justin. Wanna swap it for your 2B?

It's had the resistors moved as per the thread I showed you the other day. ;)

Talk to me on PM if you want to discuss. :)

17th February 2012, 11:59
@D.B, thanks for the offer m8:thumbsup:

but i have just taken delivery of a fully serviced 1D.1 from Hikey, this is the best board i can have.

so that is the Apollo checked and working fine and a perfect fully compatible motherboard and.......

yep you guessed it, no change, i still have the same problem:(