View Full Version : Closed Atari 520 STfm computer

13th February 2012, 20:51
Working Atari 520 STfm vintage home computer. This is the STfm version which is the later/better version with the build in modulator and disk drive. Complete package with leads, mouse, joystick, and Super cars game. Some damage to top right hand corner of the case (visible in picture) Any questions please ask.

18 + 8 p&p

UK only please on this one I'm afraid.


14th February 2012, 07:34
Pending interest if p&p will acceptable.

14th February 2012, 18:57
Sorry this is for the uk only. The computer is very heavy and would much more then I'm asking for the computer. Gav

20th February 2012, 07:43
This has now sold off-site. Gav