View Full Version : Custom MUI public screen palette

14th February 2012, 19:54

Do you know if there are any tools or hacks I could use to adjust the palette of 16-colour MUI public screen? I can set first and last 4 colours in PSI, but what about the other 8 colours? They seem to be randomly selected.

Any help would be appreciated.

14th February 2012, 20:03
Give this a try ash, might be what you are looking for.


14th February 2012, 23:13
Thanks, buddy, I've tried it before, but it's pretty much useless, because you simply can't save the modified palette. Every time I open the public screen it reverts to the original palette.

15th February 2012, 06:18
Why don't you lock the palette with FullPalette?

15th February 2012, 17:08
Why don't you lock the palette with FullPalette? Because it works on Workbench screen only, and I want to modify the palette of MUI public screen.