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20th February 2012, 20:56
PP and his pneumatic weapon : Amiga

Guide our hero with his big tool (pneumatic) through 70 levels of fiendish puzzles to collect the hidden treasure.

The game is simple enough , use your digging tool to unearth treasure,keys, boost potions,health and use these to escape the level that you are trapped on. Sounds simple doesn't it? but no...time is against you, every level has a timer and you have a limited number of lives!

Each level has its own share of monsters and traps to catch you out as you try to collect each required amount of treasure to open the escape door and flee the level you are trapped on.

Each enemy has its own set route, a routine that they follow and learning these routes are important as the levels progress. potions will help your failing health but get hurt too often and your dead. Some treasures are hidden under the ground and some cannot be seen but these do stand out as the blocks of ground surrounding them seem to highlight the fact that one box is empty - this box may contain treasure or a key to aid your escape.

a bonus level , styled on lego it seems is available to top up your points at certain points in the level your on.

The graphics are clear, well drawn and colourful but the sound is excellent. A different sound track accompanies each level and your man yelps with pain every time he's hurt.

overall a great platformer.

whdload version.