View Full Version : Closed Wanted: Apple ][+ working motherboard

24th June 2009, 22:14
Have had hell trying to fix my old ][+ since I dont have access to a scope.. Anyone have a spare one lying around or possibly fix my busted one?

Thanks all!

24th June 2009, 23:34
OK, I'll show my ignorance here, what on earth is a "][+" :oops:

there may be people reading this and don't realize they have one as they don't recognize it by "][+" might help if you elaborate a little for us erm.... well me anyway.


25th June 2009, 02:59
Read ][+ as 2+ . The machine is the predecessor of the very first McIntosh.

Very popular in the later 70s (1977, IIRC) and up to 1984. Some units even have "power" to use CP-M (kind of DOS 5.25" disk system).

Linkie... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_II)

25th June 2009, 15:06
Thanks rkaur I've seen one of them before :)

I've seen 2+ as II+ and ii+ even but never ][+ which is what threw me out.

Hope you find what you want Splurge

25th June 2009, 16:07
Whoops, sorry. Yeah I am just so used to the ][. Its a little harder to type, but more fun.