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22nd February 2012, 22:41
I have a question. I looked thru this site

And noticed that you can add a sound card to this pci bridge. The question is, what kind of sound card is supported?

Any one got a link to a page where i can buy a card that will work with the prometheus under 3.9?

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Found this on Amigakit, they dont have any in stock but a card like this should work?


22nd February 2012, 22:51
you need to know if your promethus was upgraded to support DMA or not 1st mate:nod:

23rd February 2012, 05:42
you need to know if your promethus was upgraded to support DMA or not 1st mate:nod:

And how do i know that?:)

23rd February 2012, 07:10
there should be a label on the card saying 40/27 or 50/27, these are no good for DMA, if you have a newer number then you should be ok

redrumloa@ amiga.org used to do updates, but i don't know if he still is

23rd February 2012, 12:19
will check when i get home from work but with my luck i have the first version that was ever made without any new fansy stuff on it.

Thanl you for the help :-)

23rd February 2012, 16:04
What do you think about this?
The FW is 40/27 but if you look at the text next to the FW it looks like it have ben upgraded to 51/27 or am i just plain stupid? :D


16th March 2012, 17:48
:arms VICTORY IS MINE! :arms


16th March 2012, 18:04
excellent!! well done chap:thumbsup::)