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24th February 2012, 20:47
I have this really strange problem that drives me crazy.

I have a fresh installation of OS 3.9 with BB 1 & 2 in a HDD in my 4000. No cybergraphx or anything, just this. Everything works ok. CDROM drive working fine.

I connect this to my laptop as DH0 in winuae and the hardfile of classicwb as DH1 as it is in the instructions of classicwb installation.

Everything goes ok. Classicwb hardfile is ready. I transfer this to another hard disk/CF

The Amiga boots fine with the new classicwb partition but no CDROM ! No matter what CD I use (cybergraphx, amigaos3.9) it just doesn't get detected by the system.

Can someone please help me with this?

For the last two days it drives me crazy.

24th February 2012, 20:55
Classic Workbench probably uses another CD file system, check your CD0 file and make sure the settings are correct.

If you like you can also just use IDEFix97 to setup your CDRom drive, it's very easy to find a Key with Google if you don't have one (IDEFix97 can be downloaded from Aminet)


24th February 2012, 20:55
is the cd0 file in devs folder still

24th February 2012, 23:16
Yeah ClassicWB doesn't have CD support by default AFAIK.
Easiest method is to mount your ClassicWB installation under WinUAE and setup the CD via OS3.9's CD.
- Insert 3.9 CD into WinUAE, run installation and only add, support for the CD-ROM
- Do every step as you know
- Once it's ready, remove the installation
- Insert into your A4000 and enjoy :)

26th February 2012, 19:46
Thanks Marios. Tried that and works like a charm.