View Full Version : Wanted Project Amiga 4000

1st March 2012, 14:05
Looking for a A4000 that needs some love.

Always wanted a 4000, but cant justify the cost - so figure I would try and grab a cheaper faulty one and repair it. Saves an A4000 and saves me some money :)

Let me know what you have!

13th April 2012, 16:02
Bump. Still looking for a dead a4000 or dead parts to make one.

16th April 2012, 12:23

I have an A4000 rev B motherboard that had some severe battery leakage. I've done some work on it and it should in principle work now (have seen the kickstart screen), but I have since acquired another system so don't intend to continue with this.

I wouldn't ask much money for the board. If this is something you are interested in, send a PM and we can discuss further :)

16th April 2012, 13:44

I have an A4000 chassis minus the lid and in the next few weeks might have a spare Motherboard too.

I will keep you updated :thumbsup:


16th April 2012, 13:53
ajk - Pm'ed

fitzsteve - I will await your updates :)

I recently acquired a 4000 from a very generous member of this forum, but it has quite severe corrosion on both sides of the board.

So I am still looking for parts - be them for spares to fix the one I have, or start building another.

The one I was given is a converted tower, I would like to get a desktop though!

Let me know what you want for it Steve when you know if its spare.

I will be posting a work log of the 4000 project once I start. I have just put in a order for a load of parts that will need replacing.