View Full Version : Found GVP Impact Series II A500 HD8+ or A2000 HC+8

3rd March 2012, 08:49
I'm looking for a GVP Impact A500 HD8+ Series II or an Impact A2000 HC+8 Series II SCSI card, preferably with Guru ROM... and without an HDD :lol:

Jon Hare
3rd March 2012, 12:04
Got several, will have a look for you on monday if that's ok :)

3rd March 2012, 13:12
That's fine with me :) BTW, which one you've got? The A500 or the A2000 version?

3rd March 2012, 15:45
PM sent

29th March 2012, 14:50
A2000 HC+8 received, feedback left to bebek! :thumbsup: