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3rd March 2012, 17:05
Hi Guys
Well got everything else working now just have my SB128 to get running, What I have done:

1 Read threads on Amibay
2 Installed drivers from MMCD
3 Installed AHI
4 Installed GhostMix

Checked my card in Pciinfo its an Ensoniq 5880 soundblaster (CT4750)

At first until I put in GhostMix I got the AHI 4 error then loaded Ghostmix now the MP3 seems to play but no sound checked all the ports for sound nothing.

Only thing I can think of is its where the card is placed I have the Mediator LT4

cards are

Slot 1 SB128
Slot 2 Voodoo 3 3000
Slot 3 Realtek RTL-8139
Slot 4 was my Radeon but it wont work for some reason.

If some one could let me know which slots they have their cards in might help.

To be honest I have never had much luck with Sound Cards even from my First Mediator way back in the 1990's so would be nice to get this one to work.

I have tried Medication but it does not support my card.

Many thanks :nod:


3rd March 2012, 17:11
Hi mate have you run the ghostmix config and saved settings

have you set up ahi and set to sb128 on device 1 with a ++ mode and saved it

have you got a lead from amiga audio out to aux in or line in on the sb128

im using ghostmix too

from top to bottom on mine is

spider usb
nic card

3rd March 2012, 18:37
Tried that but still amiga Amp shows the song playing but no sound

I don't have the lead from Paula to the sb128 would that work with WHDload games sound?


3rd March 2012, 18:49
would that work with WHDload games sound?

yes mate

when you boot up have some earphones plugged in and see if you hear a click or any noise from sb128 out when ghostmix starts

3rd March 2012, 21:17
HI John
Many thanks for all the help I am now running with sound awesome.

Only thing left is my Radeon but for the moment I am happy just to have a working OS3.9 with Sound GFX and Network.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

3rd March 2012, 21:20
post a pic of radeon

10th March 2012, 13:56
Hi John
Sorry it took so long to post the pic the passive heat sink is a later ad on as the old alumium heatsing and fan were noisey and not working very well to cool the card.


Does it look like it should work? it shows in the pciinfo as two radeons

10th March 2012, 14:05
if it shows up it should work but it might need 3.3v moding

see mine here


radeons do show 2 cards as 1 for each output

10th March 2012, 17:07
hi both,

try cards like this.......

slot 1, sb128
slot 2, radeon
slot 3, rtl-8139
slot 4, voodoo 3 3000

thats of course if your radeon isent a 5 volt model,then johnim has you covered.and im assuming you have a lt4

pci cards with two slots in the connector should be duel voltage,but not always.

11th March 2012, 09:54
Gonna give it a try today or tomorrow will let you know how it goes

Tried it but no good when the Radeon driver loads, the Machine crashes I have tried it on its own and in different locations with the other cards in when its in and the radeon card is not in devs it shows up in medication and in PCIinfo but when its in the Network card crashes LOL so looks like I need another card.

14th March 2012, 22:37
Not sure if the order is the same requirement in all mediator boards. From bottom to top (ie from mediator daughter board) (as listed by pciinfo), mine are:
Device 1 (slot 1): Realtek RTL8139
Device 2-4 (slot 2): NEC spider usb thingy
Device 5 (slot 3): Voodoo 3 3000
Device 6 (slot 4): Soublaster CT4750

In my experience, swapping cards around to any slots has made zero difference in performance or if it works or not. But then, this is the Mediator 4000Di.

I have a Radoen but it's the wrong voltage one so can't use it :( and I don't have the courage or skills like the other lads to to risk frying my machine, thanks :thumbsup:

17th March 2012, 13:42
LOL I know how that feels. I had a nightmare with my A4000Di when I had it until I got help here then it was straight up and running.:thumbsup:

The A1200 version is supposed to be less picky about the cards it supports not sure I believe that mind LOL