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8th July 2009, 21:47
well now it's my birthday my good lady has allowed me to play with my 3do for the 1st time so here it is :thumbsup:

15th July 2009, 17:56
Haven't checked into the Photo Booth section for a while. Thats a nice FZ-10 3DO. I have one just the same which i bought brand new many years ago. Mine is the American model. Is yours American or did the UK version have the same box?? I also have the JAP version. The box is the same except for the colors. I also have the rare Video CD card add on for it, not that i watch a lot of VCD's these days , but its good to have for bragging rights i guess :thumbsup:

15th July 2009, 19:11
it's a UK PAL version, so it has s-video and composite outs as well as the RF

i must says it's a great machine and everyone that has played on it has said they are going to buy one so it can't bad! :thumbsup2:

16th July 2009, 04:54
I have always wanted one of these little blighters!!!

soon..... I will get one.....

I dont minde the Fz-10 style.,.... but I have a soft spot for goldstar and panosonic (breeze block) models :D



however HERE is the model I would really like

The Goldstar 3DO Alive II (only released in South Korea) :(

so what makes these little units tick I hear you tapping.... well :D

3DO System specifications

32-bit 12.5 MHz RISC CPU (ARM60) made by Advanced RISC Machines,
(roughly equivalent to 25 MHz Motorola 68030)
Math co-processor[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
32kb SRAM[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]

Interpolated 640x480 resolution output to screen,
upsampled from 320x240 or 320x480 internal resolution with either 16 bit palettized color (from 24 bits) or 24 bit truecolor. [5][/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
Two accelerated video co-processors,
capable of producing 9-16 million pixels per second (36-64 megapix/s interpolated), distorted, scaled, rotated and texture mapped.[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
System board

50 Mbit/s bus speed[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
36 DMA channels[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
2 megabytes of main RAM[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
1 megabyte of VRAM[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
2 expansion ports[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]

16-bit stereo sound[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
44.1 kHz sound sampling rate[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
Supports Dolby Surround sound[/*:m:1wyhr2g1]
Custom 20-bit Digital signal processor (DSP),
20 bit accumulator with 16bit parameter registers for extended precision[/*:m:1wyhr2g1][/*:m:1wyhr2g1][/list:u:1wyhr2g1]

Pokey huh?

16th July 2009, 08:12
I have the FZ-1 model (a japan console that also outputs SVHS , there are no region locks in any 3DO so it is OK for PAL games) but I cannot say I am impressed... many games have so low framerate that I just cannot stand... :shrug:


as you see it is a heavy piece of machine , great looks IMHO :thumbsup:

16th July 2009, 15:08
Dont waste your time with the Goldstar model. If you want one with the tray that opens, get the Panasonic FZ-1. I have had 3 Goldstar models (i have kept one, but just for the collection) with the tray that opens and all have had problems. Of the 3 Goldstar models i have had, all of them suffered from weak lasers. They may be ok to load original discs that are in near perfect condition, but if i tried loading a CDR in them, a majority of the games would not load. One of them had a stuffed tray. It would not close, and had to stay open in order for a game to load. If you closed the tray, the cd would stop spinning. And the other Goldstar i had would loose sound from the left channel when the unit got warm. I remember i was going to get one of the chips inside that was causing the problem replaced, but in the end i sold it. I remember when i first got online about 11 years ago, there was talk even then about how crappy the Golstar was.

I feel your pain with the slow framerate. Who has played Doom on the 3DO? I remember there was a big commotion going on about Doom being released for the 3DO, and how **** hot it would be speed wise. This game is utter ****. The framerate and constant slow downs from loading during play are torture. A majority of games released provided plenty of eye candy for its time, but the framerate suffered dearly for it. About it not being region locked, yes its true but some PAL games had issues running on NTSC machines. I cant remember if it was timing issues, or the screen being too stretched out??

Yes the US version also has s-video and composite out as well as RF. This was pretty much standard on the FZ-10 what ever region the console was released for. Have you got Wolfenstein 3D? I love this game. I rememer there was a time i was gonna sell my 3DO because of the lack of good titles until Wolfenstein 3D came along. It really made the Super Nintendo version, (the PC version too come to think about it) look like crap.
Enjoy your 3DO.

17th July 2009, 10:40
as nut says, dont even bother with goldstar models :thumbsdown:

17th July 2009, 10:46
/Anorak gamespotter mode on

@ JuvUK

How does Wing Commander play on the 3DO?

/Anorak gamespotter mode off

17th July 2009, 10:55
super wing commander and wing commander 3 both play well well m8y :)

20th July 2009, 23:03
that's cool man, I wanted the panasonic 3D0, both the FZ-1 and 10, but and the M2 add-on (useless, but cool, and maybe I could use the sdk to make a few games...)

22nd July 2009, 09:20
A little OT,

mentioning development and SDK's (thats Software Developer Kits) were there any released for the XBox (original) ?

24th July 2009, 02:17
yes, if you goto xboxisozone.com you can get it the zetro, and pls sign up for forums there, my buddy on there is an amiga 500 owner and he's had issues. his ID is "the_codstr"