View Full Version : Closed PS2 HDD Loader or HD Advance 3.0

9th March 2012, 09:00
To celebrate both A: Me buying a PS2 network adaptor and B: Me finding my UK launch PS2 which I never unboxed so is brand spanking new. (Bought it, went traveling for a while with the family and forgot I even bought it) :cool:

I need a legit copy of either HD Loader or HD Advance 3.0.

Willing to pay about 20 OR will swap for an Amiga 600 :thumbsup:

12th March 2012, 20:23
Hiya mate, I have a full legit copy of Hd advance 2 for ps2 if that's any good to ya. I used it for my ps2 for quite a while. Make us an offer if you're interested.
cheers, regards Steve.

12th March 2012, 21:22
offer withdrawn

16th March 2012, 19:44
Thread can be closed, Zetr0 has kindly given me a copy via a different trade :thumbsup: