View Full Version : Battery Damage - New Victim

9th July 2009, 18:07

I thought I would take a look to see what 30pin simms were installed in my Amstrad MegaPC and found this!

I can see in one area a track has lifted!

I am off to remove the battery, any advice after that. Was going to clean the board with vinegar but am worried I might break more tracks

9th July 2009, 19:14

If you want to send it to me, I'll repair it for you FOC my friend, just postage costs both way's

I guess you were going to use the MegaPC to check the size of the SIMM's you have for me, For that I am truely greatfull my friend :bowdown:

Best Wishes


9th July 2009, 20:25
@TC - Yeah I was sure it took 30pin simms so was going to check what my spares were. Thanks for your kind offer of repair, I will drop you a PM.

20th July 2009, 15:37
A megaPC, OMG!!! I always wanted one for mega drive dev, oh well hope you get it fixed, I'm poor currently

24th July 2009, 22:00
Well, I have actually repaired the damage but I think the unit has an issue with the IDE controller, hence my post in the Wanted Forums. The megadrive side works a treat but the PC side is going to take a bit of work to get working :(