View Full Version : A3000 video output issues

10th March 2012, 19:32
A member on classicamiga asked me if I knew what was wrong with the graphics output of his A3000. Here is what he wrote:

if one leaves the mouse at a certain place the screen looks absolutely fine. That is, on the left of the screen, moving the cursor up and down produces little problem. If one tries to move the cursor across the screen sideways, however, it 1) is difficult to get the cursor to move at all and 2) the screen becomes badly distorted when you do. The screen usually clears up after a bit and the cursor then snaps back to the left. Occasionally a ghost image of the left part of the screen appears on the right side, a mirror of what is on the left. The screen flickers a lot (once the cursor is moved) and it pulses, but I can usually clear things up reasonably if I can manage to move the cursor back to the left.

Any ideas? The A3000 has a flicker fixer/scan doubler as standard so I'm wondering if that could be failing? However he does also mention the mouse movement issue so could that also be failing CIA chips?

10th March 2012, 19:37
Battery leak?

10th March 2012, 20:29
I had some weird issues like this at one point with one of my Amigas. It turned out it was actually the monitor didn't properly support the Amiga's video output. Not sure your friend's problem is this, but it's worth ruling out if nothing else.