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14th March 2012, 10:05
Morning all!

I've recently aquired an ailing A2000 Rev6 (blank screen, battery leakage, *very* green bits/slots...) with various bits and bobs, and I'm after a donor and/or replacement so I can swap and change chips about for testing purposes.

So, a tatty but working (ish, dead keyboard or even a dead floppy is not an issue for now, just so long as it boots. I can always resurrect or pass it on once I'm finished) A500 with PSU but, seeing as my A2000 has a MegAChip Agnus in there, I believe I would need an older 500 with a compatible Agnus that I can swap around for testing purposes. I'm sure someone can correct me on this if need be.

Failing this, a working A2000 mainboard will do, instant gratification is good...., and that'll also give me time to attempt repair on the original and/or whack this board out to someone who can attempt repair.

Cheers folks, and have a groovy day wherever you are. :)

14th March 2012, 10:37
I have a faulty A500 PCB which can be used for spares (e.g. Agnus). PM sent.


14th March 2012, 18:24
PM replied to and considered.

Keep 'em coming! :)

18th March 2012, 21:19
Right folks, I appear to have obtained myself an A500 + PSU and another supposedly working A500 mainboard, so I'm all ok for those bits now.

I may still need an A2000 mainboard, depending on what I find with my one and how well my replacement CPU and ROM sockets go...

So, with that in mind, I suppose this thread can be closed for the time being. If I do stumble across any problems with my A2000 mainboard I'll start a new thread then if need be.

Cheers all! Wish me luck. :)

20th March 2012, 13:56
Update. The A2000, it lives!

So, looks like I'm all ok for the time being and, as above, if I need owt I'll start a new thread.

Mods, could you close this for me please?