View Full Version : Closed Set of simm sockets for A4000D mobo

14th March 2012, 15:36
I need a set of simm sockets for replacement on my A4000D mobo.

Anyone here have them "in stock" or know where/what to get?

Cheers :thumbsup:

14th March 2012, 15:51
You could try contacting Hikey :D

Dave G :cool:

14th March 2012, 16:16
I have new SIMM sockets (Molex) for the A4000D here. The sockets are with metal brackets.
Price: 2,50 EUR per unit.
Shipping costs to Denmark will be 10,60 EUR with tracking.

15th March 2012, 07:26
I'm afraid shipping kills it for me mate, but thanks for offering. Will see where hikey's at:)

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1st June 2012, 09:29
Got these from Amigakit. Please close.