View Full Version : USB ethernet speeds

14th March 2012, 22:49
Anybody that has USB ethernet, be it on an A1200 with subway usb, or a mediator 1200/4000 board or deneb USB etc., what kind of speeds are you getting browsing/downloading files, say for example, from Aminet?

When I browse and download, my spider USB based mediator setup and USB Ethernet, gets around 20-50kb/s, though it's very sporadic.. On my A1200 with PCMCIA I get 250kb/s consistently.
I've tried all 4 USB slots in the Spider card and the Spider card itself in all slots.
I use the Trident/Poseidon stack thingy.

So my question is: What do you get on your USB Ethernet and how can I speed it up? Different stack? Any buffer options, etc.. :thumbsup: