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11th July 2009, 22:57
:sigh: Help!

I dont like the picture that pops up after loading os3.9 I just want my lovely 2.05 grey screen back. When I change settings using wbpattern it says "error in file ENV:sys/wbpattern.prefs file is write protected" Where is this and how do I change it?


12th July 2009, 03:49
Using DirectoryOpus4, locate the archive and delete it. The program will pop a message telling you the archive is WP, but will delete it.

The correct path is ENVARC:sys/wbpattern.prefs. Or just un-protect it, reboot and made the changes you want.

12th July 2009, 10:31
select the file, go to the menu bar and go to properties in there make the file writable then re-start
or something like that

17th July 2009, 19:01
All sorted thanks to JuvUK who fixed this as well as a few other problems my 1200 was having!

Thanks too to rkauer