View Full Version : Closed Amiga 600 Floppy drive and kickstart that supports HDD A600

16th March 2012, 18:43
as title says i need a Floppy drive for Amiga 600

I also need a new Kickrom (steap learning curve for me).

I currently have 37.299 (no hdd) and need any rom that supports large hdd, I believe its 37.350 for 2.05


17th March 2012, 11:16
I've got an A600 floppy drive you can have for a tenner plus postage (and paypal payment as a gift or cheque). I'll have a look for the ROM also.

-Update- Sorry, I've only got the 37.299 ROM spare.

17th March 2012, 19:55
Thanks for the reply but Jon Hare has already sourced what i need, again thanks,

Can a mod change title to closed or found and close thread,, thanks