View Full Version : Closed Wanted: Pentium 3 retention bracket!

12th July 2009, 22:57
Hi all, I am in desperate need for a Pentium 3 CPU retention bracket (slot-1) and cannot find one anywhere! I changed the CPU in one of my retro gaming machines from a PII to a PIII and the old PII bracket does not fit a PIII.

If anyone has one spare then please let me know, cheers :thumbsup:

18th July 2009, 00:55
I guess nobody has got a P3 retention bracket? I would rather buy just the bracket instead of buying a whole motherboard... that would be a waste :?

7th August 2009, 02:16
Seeing as it appears nobody has one there is one on ebay with a couple of days left:

[moderation edit]

Link removed, I PM the same link to Power_Pie_5000. Direct linking to auctions is a complete no-no here, despite your very good intentions and help. :nono:

Don't take it personal. :thumbsup:

7th August 2009, 08:59
Thanks very much guys, i received the link, cheers :thumbsup:

7th August 2009, 19:21
Sorry I didn't realise it was against the rules :Doh: only posted the link as it seemed nobody had one on here

7th August 2009, 23:40
Don't worry, mate. We know your good intentions, it's just a rock-solid rule.

Your help was appreciated. :thumbsup: