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17th March 2012, 21:05
I am trying to install BVision in my A1200. Have classicWB, run installer from PPC disc and installer from BVision disc. I can see BVision in CGX setup but when I want to test resolution it says can't open test screen :mad:.

Can not install cgx4 as have no cd drive in my a1200 and no means to connect it :(. Unless there is a way to copy cgx4 cd to hard drive and install it from there - unfortunately it is not just copy ...

The card was working fine with last workbench setup. I have neglected my A1200 setup ...

Please help.

17th March 2012, 21:16
hi cant you use winuae and copy to a folder then assign the folder to cd name when back in amiga

17th March 2012, 21:20
hi cant you use winuae and copy to a folder then assign the folder to cd name when back in amiga

I did it but it is still calling for a disc in CD :huh:

17th March 2012, 21:27
CGX4 CD is a pain and does not work if you use assign's, you should use an ISO mounting tool such as:


And mount an ISO of CGX4 and then your updates will work, after that you should be able to setup some screen modes, I had the same issues with GREX/CGX4 which is almost identical to seting up the BVison.


17th March 2012, 21:29
nice one steve did not know that existed

17th March 2012, 21:41
Me too ... I was thinking, it would be nice to have daemon tools on Amiga :) . Thanks Steve.

17th March 2012, 22:09
AFAIR, after installing CGX4 + updates (required for BVision), there is still a problem of the BVision icon file not being created at Devs/Monitors.
I think I renamed the CVision file to BVision and that did the trick.

I did so much reading about this a year ago, when I worked on my A1200 project, but (typical for me) didnt write stuff down :roll:

17th March 2012, 22:43
Now it hung Amiga when mode is tested :thumbsdown:. It just takes so much time :unsure: but now I have nice colorful CyberGraphX screen on VGA output :)

18th March 2012, 08:34
Hi mate,

To mount ISOs under Windows I use DAEMON Tools Lite (Free) and to mount ISOs under WinUAE I just select: "Include CD/DVD drives"


Works great :thumbsup:

About CGX... install drivers from CD, after installation update CGX drivers to the latest version, then try to config screen resolutions.