View Full Version : Found FOUND : ISA IDE Controller to fit 386 computer

17th July 2009, 17:57
Bit of a long shot but does anybody have one of these knocking around?

19th July 2009, 17:31
I have an ISA IDE controller, model 3001 16bit for AT286/386/486/pentium, dos/os2/unix/sco-xenix/novell/windows 3x/nt/95
boxed with manual

19th July 2009, 19:42
Excellent, how much do you want for it Gary?

19th July 2009, 20:01
pm sent

20th July 2009, 18:05
I have a SCSI controller to fit an ISA, unfortunately it's ancient and no drivers and the oldest BIOS.

23rd July 2009, 07:17
Hello, are you still interested?
I have an ISA IDE controller TWINHEAD TH6460B IDE - ISA:
ISA Multi I/O Twinhead TH6460B (FCC ID: JP7TS-8460) (IDE + Floppy + Game Port + 2 RS232 + LPT1). I have card only with no drivers. Dismounted form an old working 386.

8 euro + shipping, I'm from italy.

24th July 2009, 20:51
@ retrobazzar & Dreamcast.

Thanks for the offer guys but I am all hooked up now, thanks to Mr ING!!!

Thread to be closed please

24th July 2009, 21:01
As requested my good friend

TC :wink: