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23rd March 2012, 22:07
I'm looking for Amiga 4000D. It can be without cpu card, doughterboard and even mother board :) so it can be empty case with 220V PSU (as I have spare motherboard and doughterboard).

If You have working Amiga 4000D for sale I'm naturally interested too. It would be nice if it has battery removed (without any acid dameges), ROM 3.1, Buster 11 and replaced caps. But I'll consider all offers :D

23rd March 2012, 22:11
i have one if you want, the case is in ok shape with working psu, but motherboard is malfunction. So i can take it out. 10 euro+shipping ok?

23rd March 2012, 22:14
hi Exilent

when hi don't will buy the 4000 , then i will send you a pm , i'm locking for a dead 4000 , for part's for myn 4000


23rd March 2012, 22:15
If you want to sell the defective motherboard - I am interested. :cool:

23rd March 2012, 22:27
@Exilent (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=5473) potentially interested. PM sent.

2nd April 2012, 08:18
Admins please close and mark as 'closed' this threaad since I found my Amiga 4000D on Amibay.