View Full Version : Any way to get better SCSI transfer rate?

25th March 2012, 14:22
The scsi transfer rate on my A2000 according to SysInfo is just a little over 2Mb/Sec.

Is this because the actually hard drive is slow ? Or is it the controller or software ?

Any way to make it go faster ?

The hard drive is a connor 1Gb and the Scsi controller is a GVP HC+8

25th March 2012, 14:28
That's almost the limit for any zorro2 controller.
If you want a real boost, you need the fast controller from an accelerator card (such as a GVP Combo 030 or Blizzard 2060).
With my B2060, i have 5 MB/s in asynchronous mode and 10 MB/s in synchronous mode.

If you have only this hard drive on your SCSI chain, try the synchronous mode (if supported on your board) and you might get a few more KB/s, but you can't pass the zorro2 speed limit. You might also get a bit more with a faster younger harddrive, but not much.

However, 2 MB/s is not so bad on amiga. That's the speed of the IDE port of the A1200.