View Full Version : Wanted CDTV case (no gubbins necessary) / faulty CDTV / ...

20th July 2009, 15:25
If anyone's got a CDTV case, or a faulty CDTV, then please let me know :D

16th November 2012, 14:54
i found a CDTV for you with*
cannot read cdīs

DANISH buyers...


350 dkr = ~ 50 €uros / 40 Ģ + postages
if you canīt find one i can buy thus for you or you.

/ Alpehut

Jon Hare
17th November 2012, 07:41
I'll have a look on monday if I have one for you...

1st February 2014, 18:49
I have a lid for CDTV that I don't want. It has a dent in the rear of it which is why I replaced it. It's pretty unlikely that anyone would want it, but I thought I'd ask just in case. You're welcome to have it free of charge. It's only going to get bin'd otherwise.

30th September 2017, 15:41