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21st July 2009, 11:26
Hi all,
Well my A2000 is finally complete. The GVP ram i was waiting on from Software Hut came a couple of weeks ago and i am now ready to get my Amiga online using my D-Link DSL-G604T 3 in 1 ADSL Modem Router. I have tried numerous times with Miami and Genesis to try and get the A2000 online but i have had no luck. I have a Quicknet 2000 ethernet card in the A2000 connected to the modem router via one of the ethernet ports at the back. I have ran the init program on both miami and Genesis but they both fail to get any ip info ect from the router so i have to enter the settings manually. After inputting the info manually in either Miami or Genesis, the software connects to the router and says Online but i am unable to get on any web pages as all i get are "cannot resolve host name" error's for what ever URL i try. Oh i forgot to mention that i do have the Quicknet.device file in the DEVS/Networks folder and have chosen this device when setting up Miami and Genesis. Is there something i am missing with the Quicknet 2000 ethernet card?? I know it has built in software on rom that can be chosen by a switch at the back of the card. The switch goes 3 ways. I have it set in the middle position. The D-Link 3 in 1 responds to the Quicknet card when i power up the A2000 as the LAN light comes on, on the router and i also get the LAN light flicker when i hit online on the A2000 software.

This is the last straw for me i think with this A2000 as i may soon be selling it in parts if i cannot at least get online with it. I am too suffering from shocking HD transfer speeds and constant lock ups after installing OS3.9. I tried doing a drive speed test with SYSinfo and the A2000 locked up, also the HD info was all garbled up. The only thing readable was GVPSCSI.device. The rest of the info looked :censored: , totally unreadable. I am also unable to copy files from one partition to another as the whole A2000 locks up. I have boing bag 1 installed and will try boing bag 2 when i get time. I dont think this will help though.


21st July 2009, 11:30
i found easynet from amigakit to be very well priced and very easy to set up, i would recommend this to anyone

cheers, JuvUK

21st July 2009, 11:41
@ AN08

Calm down mate, help is here and will be forthcoming later today as the gurus sign in. No need to take a hammer to it just yet.

OK, let's check the basics first. Can you access the router's home page by putting in the IP address? For example, Netgear routers use and Belkin Unless the Amiga can clearly access the router you are going nowhere fast.

Edit: should take you to the router's home page.

Can the router actually see the Amiga's network card MAC address if you check the DHCP Client list? Check this from another computer if possible, because if the Amiga isn't set up correctly you may not access the router home page. Is the WAN IP address set correctly in the router to match your IP? Is the lease time for connections set up? Is MAC filtering turned on, as this will block the Amiga unless the ethernet card's MAC address is on the allowed list. Is your IP dynamic or static and has the router been set to match this?

Work your way carefully through the router's settings as I am sure that the issue may be down to this. Once you are sure that the Amiga can see the router, then try rebooting the modem to establish a new WAN connection and check that the router connects correctly.

Please report back when you have completed this and hopefully some of the Amiga internet experts will be online later to advise on the Amiga settings.

21st July 2009, 12:15
Thanks for the reply Merlin. I will follow up on all the info posted here but may not have time till the weekend (if i am not working on my car again) to sus it out. I did however check my routers DHCP Clients List and the Amiga is not on the list. There is a section under "Static IP Assignment" that i am able to enter a MAC address and an IP address. Is this where i enter the MAC adress for the Quicknet card?? Sorry but have no idea when it comes to Networking.

21st July 2009, 12:31

First you need to get the Amiga's card MAC seen by the router, that may be just a switch setting on the card as you mentioned earlier. Try all of the switch settings on the card and note if it's seen in DHCP or not. If it's not seen at all, it could be knackered, as this is grass-roots hardware stuff we are looking at here and no software is involved, apart from the boot ROM on the card.

Static IP assignment is probably where your ISP assigns your IP and it's fixed. If you aren't sure, leave it set as Dynamic for now.

MAC filtering is normally under Security settings on routers. If you haven't had to set this before, leave it as it's most likely to be switched off.

21st July 2009, 14:43
Ok i tried the switch on the back of the Quicknet card in all 3 positions and it does not show up on the DHCP Clients List at all. Can i assume that the network card is stuffed???

21st July 2009, 15:52
Did you try rebooting after changing the switch setting each time? Remember, network cards initialise at bootup and changing the switch setting without rebooting on older machines may not work.

Another thought; have you tried the network card in another Zorro slot, just so we can eliminate a motherboard fault or hardware clash?

22nd July 2009, 09:32
Hi Merlin. I tried all that but the Amiga still does not show on the client list.

22nd July 2009, 09:39
Hi Merlin. I tried all that but the Amiga still does not show on the client list. The weird thing is that my Router Link/Act light turns on (as it does when i power my other PC's connected to the router)when i power up the Amiga. So it knows there is a network card plugged in but it does not show anything on the Client list. My PC's only show up on the client list after they have fully booted and connected to the router on their own. Is there another way i can obtain the Quicknets Mac and IP addresses?? I may have to enter this manually in the routers setup?? :shrug:


22nd July 2009, 11:20
I don't know to be honest. At this point I will throw this open to the guys that use networked Amigas.

Is there a Workbench command that can interrogate the network card and show the MAC address details, similar to programs like Lavalys Everest? Similarly, has AN08 missed anything out, such as initialising drivers or system settings that are causing the card not to be seen by either the Amiga or the router?

22nd July 2009, 11:30
I found these text files on Aminet that may help....


The Quicknet cards can also emulate SANA II, so this utility might be of help...


Quicknet software and information can be found here:-

http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardw ... HARDID=920 (http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=920)

I never did networking on an Amiga so my knowledge is limited, so I hope that others can help AN08 out here.

22nd July 2009, 13:36
Thanks Merlin. :bowdown: Your help is greatly appreciated. I'll look up the txt files and see if they help. Has anyone else got their Amiga online using the Quicknet 2000 card??


22nd November 2009, 00:18

I've never networked an Amiga (at least I can't remember doing so), my Amigas where always online via serial modem (back in the days when the "Internet" was via phone lines, and BBS were all the rage!).

Still, here are some networking basics: the MAC address is something your card always has, and usually you can't change it. It differentiates cards/machines on the network. Think of it as the card's fingerprint.

The IP address of the card is something you give it. If DHCP works, then the router should give and IP address (and other info) to the Amiga automatically. If not, you have to configure it manually on the Amiga, probably via the card's software. You need:

IP :
Network Mask :
Gateway :

Try those values (the gateway is the router's IP). Then, from a Mac/PC on the network, try to ping the Amiga's IP, like this:


When I receive my Amiga 4000D I'll try put it on the network as well, and I'll probably buy a X-Surf for that. Your board looks pretty nifty on paper... :drool: hope you get it running! :thumbsup:


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Another thing: don't look for the Amiga on the DHCP list on the router. Most likely the card/software do not support DHCP at all. If you configure it manually you should be able to communicate, and you will never be listed on the router's DHCP client list. Always test communication from one machine to another, don't rely on the router's DHCP list.

Ping the Amiga from a PC/Mac and the opposite. Or like Merlin said, try to access the router's configuration "site" (

Kin Hell
22nd November 2009, 01:22
@ AmigaNut08

Alot depends on what TCP stack you're running & then actually configuring it in the right manner. Setting up something like Miami can be a bit tricky & Miami simply won't work until you have the right drivers in place for your network device. This must be present in your DEVS:Network folder. Once there, you should be able to point Miami to the Devs:Networks folder & find the device your Quicknet 2000 ethernet installation process actually installed for you. From what I have read, you can choose between SANA II & some other quick connect affair. See here: Linky (http://www.cucug.org/amiga/amiinfo/reviews/QuickNet.txt)

I can't remember exactly the name of the tabs you need to configure, but if I could see them via pics, I'd be happy to talk you through it. I'm Amiga-less atm. :whistle:

Good luck,