View Full Version : Closed WANTED A3000 PSU

7th April 2008, 21:32
Does anyone have a A3000 PSU?
My one has recently died.

8th April 2008, 00:34
If you don't have any luck finding one you can convert a PC PSU to work.

8th April 2008, 16:55

Kin Hell
8th April 2008, 19:30
Here ya go m8y:


All the Best, :D


14th April 2008, 23:40
I have done it but i would preffer a Original A3K PSU 8so it fits inside the case

15th April 2008, 00:04
Only think to remember about all Amiga PSUs is that they are all now getting old, with some reach 20 years old. So they are all at the age that their capacitors are starting to beak down and they will fail.

Good luck finding an original one. Failing that there are PC PSUs that should fit inside an A3000 case. You could even look at the mini-itx based PSUs if you can't find any small enough for standard PC cases.

Kin Hell
15th April 2008, 00:08
Another option would be to find a good Electrical Engineer. He/she might be able to repair your Original one for you! Specify you want Quality parts using too! :wink: