View Full Version : Delfina + AHI

1st April 2012, 17:17
I need some help with this, trying to get my Delfina to with AHI.

After some fiddling i have manage to get it to work with AMIAMP with MHI.

So i have added the delfina.library in libs and also delfina.audio in AHI drawer in DEV.

I downloaded and copied all the files for the AHI V6 ( used to have 4.x)
but still the delfina aint showin up in the AHI prefs.
I do not have the Delfina floppies so i dont know what kind of software im missing out on.

PS: The delfina.audio i am using atm is the one from aminet m68k-amigaos-ahidrv.lha (http://aminet.net/driver/audio/m68k-amigaos-ahidrv.lha)

1st April 2012, 17:24
Hello listen if you give me your emal you can move files that are in the installation disk you can 'go well?
I have installed the Dauphine and works very well!
You also pass all the libraries I torvato I think that is the latest 4.17 Beta
I send you all then see if you can in case

2nd April 2012, 12:05
Sent you a PM with my email yesterday, hope you see it and have the time to send me those files.

Thx in advanse