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2nd April 2012, 13:39
My A2000 left my house to start a new life ...but its been tragically killed in its prime by UPS.

best of all i can accept 70 as a cheque or the full value in postage discounts..as a refund. im pleased i insured it for 160!


so my 2000. the damage.

a) floppy facia broke
b) rgb socket pushed in
c) hdd light panel broken
d) top case dented
e) base bent
f) dead

so test time.

A2000 - no life , black screen.

psu - ok
68000 - ok
agnus - ok
2x cia - ok
paula - ok
gary - ok
buster - ok

retest - dead , no life.

test gvp 68030

test - dead, black screen.
change crystal - same.
remove / add ram - same
scsi on / off - same

so in summary - everything is dead. :-(


2nd April 2012, 13:47
What did they do, play football with it? Jesus.
Hopefully you'll track (pun intended) down the damage soon :thumbsup:

2nd April 2012, 13:53
they are f'ing animals m8, and i share your pain (see my A4000 transit damage in my photo album:()

2nd April 2012, 13:54
Jesus H.... Death is too good for 'em.

No fear, brother. Come the revolution they'll be the first against the wall.


I've just noticed the refund in postage discounts? They honestly believe that you would trust them again after this?

2nd April 2012, 13:54
jesus, how did they do this? i would be pretty ****ed.

did they give any explanation as to how this happened? it rolled in the van or something heavy fell on it etc.
i would want an answer if it was me.insurance wouldent be anough.

you never know, it might be fixable mike.stay possitive!

2nd April 2012, 14:14
Wow... poor A2000 :(

Sorry to hear about your loss.

On a positive note, it will make a fun restoration project. If its any consolation my A2000 looked worse then that when i first got it though i was able to fire it up.

2nd April 2012, 14:22
Mike, this is real sad. However, you should find a "donor" machine to carry some tests. One that would be lent to you for just a couple of days, so you can interchange stuff and check what's ok and what's not.
I'm curious to know how you concluded the OK parts. Of course, A2000's chips are mostly interchangeable with other Amigas, but just curious..
By the way, i don't suppose you turned 'er on with the bottom of the case bent like that? It could well produce shorts on the mobo!
If you haven't yet, dismantle the motherboard and commence tests with bare pcb. That would also give you a chance to visualy inspect the bottom of the mobo for cracks etc..
Good luck mate :thumbsup:

PS: Now, who was it that said the're built like tanks? :lol:

2nd April 2012, 14:23
Jesus, what have they done! :wooha:
They must be stupid to do such a damage! :nuts:

Perhaps there is a possibility to bring him back to life again!

2nd April 2012, 14:23
Well, from my experience in 90% of such cases it's wrong/inproper packaging is the real problem.

In general each heav item - more than 2kg - should be packed in the way that the distance between case and oiter packaging is at least 10cm (15cm for items with weight 10kg and above).
O top of that the dstance between case and packaging MUST BE FILLED with something like paper/polyfoam. It cannot be just 10cm of air.

Some even recommend double box for expensive/friagle stuff!
Just google for "how to properly pack heavy items".
And compare with this packaging you have pictured here.

I have seen parcels where tower case was just warped by hard paper - nothing more. It's just asking for problems during transport.

2nd April 2012, 14:25
PS: Now, who was it that said the're built like tanks? :lol:
Yeah, they are built like tanks, but why do they use anti tank guns????

2nd April 2012, 14:29
Can we fix it?



I bet you a pickled egg that, with a few hours of good old fashioned multimetering and a few dabs of solder, you can bring the mainboard back to life. You know you want to. Just think. Pickled egg. Mmmm.

2nd April 2012, 14:30
It's so common especially overseas. Someone here (forget the name sorry!) bought an A600 of mine, I thought I packed it well but somehow they seem to find the weakspots... Thankfully it wasn't too bad but still needed a new case. _

2nd April 2012, 15:22
my guess is that its been dropped. the box has no punture marks or holes but the sides are no longer square. The 2000 is a heavy thing. image dropping one from a foot or two - big mess.

i would guess that the motherboard has a broken / cracked solder joint somewhere but god knows where...

the board was bent in the case like a banana, so some inspection needed.

2nd April 2012, 15:24
Must... resist... urge... to... mention... "Military-Spec"....



2nd April 2012, 15:25
oi , you'll get military spec!


Amiga Forever
2nd April 2012, 15:38
Did you forgout put

FRAGILE ON as then they would take care of the Box :thumbsup:

2nd April 2012, 15:43

My A2000 left my house to start a new life ...but its been tragically killed in its prime by UPS.

best of all i can accept 70 as a cheque or the full value in postage discounts..as a refund. im pleased i insured it for 160!
You are under NO legal obligation to accept this offer, infact you should refuse this as the service was not provided and the goods damaged. You should ask for imediate re-payment of postage costs (including any duty charges) in FULL.

Have a read of your statutory rights in this matter. (they are the ones whom have broken contract, as such they have admited that with their palty offer.... never accept the first offer)

Insist on a full refund as is your statutory right. Dont let them get away with it.

2nd April 2012, 16:14
This kind of problem is why I often shy away from buying used systems. I've passed up a lot of good deals for larger systems (a 4000T at one point) because of fear that it would be destroyed in transit.

I do agree that packaging can be a problem, but, with certain carriers (UPS and DHL come to mind, at least in my experience) it really seems to make no difference.

In fact, when I am browsing for Amiga hardware to buy, how much it weighs and how difficult it is to ship is always the first thing I consider.

When I purchased my 3000T from quarkx, I knew he would pack it well, but, I know I was biting my nails, as I am sure he was too, worrying that the oafs handling it might decide to play ice hockey with it.

Shipping is always a risk, unfortunately. :(

2nd April 2012, 16:16
too late keith i accept yes - as i didn't read it properly! (idiot) it states payment refund , click yes and i did. but its a refund of service vouchers not money as such. - stupid i know.


i now lives. i have spent the last hour resoldering every large IC on the board and every edge connector (rgb, sound etc). every socketed ic and all ram. 680000 , gary, denise etc etc ... and guess what it lives! i noticed that if i pressed down on the Angus while powered up, the screen flicked and then went back to black. So any way the mobo has been resoldered and now seems to work perfectly.


pics coming...

2nd April 2012, 16:22
And the GVP Combo ?

Why is the video in mirror b.t.w ?

2nd April 2012, 16:23
i filmed it upside down :-) (the phone not me)

2nd April 2012, 16:24
yay, old man!! well done you:):thumbsup:

2nd April 2012, 16:24
So it suffered only a cardiac arrest and has not actually died :)

Its like that horlics hot drink advert where the workers are throwing the packages around at the depot and it says "How do they sleep at night...................Horlics gives anyone a restful nights sleep":lol:

If it makes you feel any better, a couple of years ago i ordered a black and chrome glass television stand that was delivered to me by City Link in more than 1000 pieces :o

2nd April 2012, 16:26
it lives!!!!!..............

hey mike why is the video a miror image?

ok youve already answered this............

2nd April 2012, 16:28
well if a blank screen and no life is cardiac arrest then yes...

no floppy drive detection or screen life....but now it lives :-)

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i had the camera upside down and flipped it un Quick time - ill do another in a min

2nd April 2012, 16:28

Oh, how you laughed when I mentioned 'Military Spec'......

Nice work, Mike!


2nd April 2012, 16:31

I've been on to the currier in the mean time and they have accept it was their fault and refunded my money to paypal. so I'm only slightly out of pocket i think...

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@merlin grrrr

i'll build the old girl up shortly and take a look at the gvp

2nd April 2012, 16:37
Well at least good news as is more ore less alive. :)

But frankly after seeing once how the pesonell of an airport cared to drop the lugagge on a plane's cargo container nothing surprises me now. I think that in cargo only planes for mail parcels and such the care wouldn't be any better. :(

Literally they lauched and drop the luggages from the transport lorry to the container, the items described a 2 meter parabolae and then KNOCK!

2nd April 2012, 16:37
i noticed that if i pressed down on the Angus while powered up, the screen flicked and then went back to black. So any way the mobo has been resoldered and now seems to work perfectly.

If I may blow my own trumpet here.. :D

One other thing, seeing as it's been knocked about a bit, is that a slightly loose/iffy contact Agnus does a cracking impression of a dead CPU fault (blank/black screen), as I found out when molishing mine back to life.

Seriously, that pesky Agnus gave me a right runaround.

Anyway. W00t! It lives!

*edit*. Where would you like me to send the pickled egg?

2nd April 2012, 17:10
@uncle meat - i change the angus 3 times and cleaned the socket, i suspect the problem was near by rather than the socket - the mobo flexed slightly when i pressed down. only by about 2mm but that was enough for the screen to flicker.

I've been stung by agnus before too - little buggers they are :-)

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my bro had a broken xbox delivered for him a loooooong time ago and it was smashed to bits on arrival. well packed too and in a box but it was broken, smashed plastics and the tin frame was buckled inside.

The drive happened to call that morning to collect another parcel and my bro asked him about how careful they are. he said they are not - its all about speed. the boxes are loose in the truck and at the depot they throw them in to a handling area. then they are dropped on conveyors to move about the depot. The manager at parcels2go (then) said the same in a phone call later that day. this was about 5 years ago i expect things have not improved. Apparently there is (was) a your tube video of the UPS / DHL sorting depot showing parcels being thrown from one area to another...

he also said insurance was pointless as most electrical items are exempt from insurance cover but they still take your money for it.

but this was a few years ago.

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slightly better video with some explanation of whats been done..


2nd April 2012, 17:16
Heck & yet Her Majesty seems to think a 32% increase in First Class postage costs is justified?

Criminal on both counts & I feel your pain. :explode

Great to see you got her going again. :)

2nd April 2012, 17:55
Looks like it was delivered by Ace Ventura! :(

...Glad its working. Good job! :thumbsup:

2nd April 2012, 18:33
thanks guys.

Further update :-)

The GVP is working fine. the problem was that the metal hdd bracket was pushing hard against the accelerator and i think was causing a short. I've bent the bracket , although at the moment its off and the GVP is working fine. the HDD sounds rough tho..

and floppy drive DF1 is dead.

2nd April 2012, 18:54
great work there mike glad she survived after her operation :thumbsup:

2nd April 2012, 19:09
If you marked the box 'Fragile', that's where you went wrong; most couriers see this as a challenge, not a warning....

2nd April 2012, 19:50
well its bolted back together now. dents knocked out - 68030 in and a working hdd.

its running ok now but it still needs some more work to get it back as a solid work horse. The hdd bracket sucks and needs binning - it is causing damage. The 2nd floppy doesn't work but i'll change it or pop something else in its place.