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2nd April 2012, 14:52
Would like to connect other consoles to my 1084s so would need to make a female scart to the RGB input on the 1084s.

Anyone have a diagram for what goes where?

2nd April 2012, 15:09
Just been looking this up myself, funnily enough...


2nd April 2012, 23:50
Much of this is covered on this thread from some days ago:


Basically the 1084S' D9 does not accept Scart's composite video as a source of video syncs like the Scart systems normally do, so those sync signals must be electronically splitted from it before

There are two ICs that should do the job :

LM1881 which splits composite video in vertical sync and composite sync tha should work on most 1084


EL1883 Which splits composite video into vertical and horizontal syncs that should work also.

The schematics are no big deal, just a basic circuit, this is a matter that I'll have a look too and try to make my own adapter when I've got some spare time left, as I'm also interested.


3rd April 2012, 00:33
Wow, talk about being blind! Sorry :lol:

Well if someone makes a cable... ;)

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3rd April 2012, 00:39
Dont worry, I've just put it as I've also gathered some useful info there :)

As said there, there is a premade device based on the LM1881 called Sync Stryke that should do the job also, only you'll have to manually wire the D9 pins to the screw terminals of this device.