View Full Version : Found Amiga 1200 cap kit - ??

4th April 2012, 17:56
is anyone still making up cap kits?

if not ill buy the gear and do it myself but quanties are often in tens...


A1200 1D1

4th April 2012, 19:30
I expect AmigaKit can supply you the caps, as they offer a replacement service.

4th April 2012, 19:34
We are looking to source some caps to make up capacitor kits to sell and help fund Amibay, as Cosmos' service was clearly a useful one but he is no longer available.
It's just taking us a little while to get all the right listings for the various boards, and then find them in sufficient numbers to make it financially viable.
Shouldn't be too long.:thumbsup:

4th April 2012, 19:37
true , but if I'm buying (from a shop) i may as well buy a few and recap a few boards as i go..

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ohhh i like it Phil,

i have a couple of 12 boards to recap and if all goes well i can offer the service too (recap) with some funds going to the cause...

4th April 2012, 20:06
We will be bringing back Cap Kits very shortly. Watch this space.

4th April 2012, 20:16
ah good. its a very handy service.

anyone can order caps but you end up with bags and bags of the damn things. single kits is a much better idea.


4th April 2012, 21:33
PM sent.

4th April 2012, 22:04
pm replied :-)

cash on the way....

9th April 2012, 18:22
thanks Chris, received and fitted this afternoon :-)


Ones missing! ha ha

feedback on the way - excellent :-)