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5th April 2012, 16:02
I got a few bits today, quite rare items such as BPPC/BVision and they are very dusty and have old thermal paste I want to remove.

Also the BVision has a lot of glue on it than I'd also like to remove and be more careful in fitting my own cooling options to it.

I guess IPA is the way forward here? I have a bottle so thats no problem, but how to use it? Brush on and rinse off somehow?

I guess I can use my Hot Air station to melt the old glue, any tips on the above such as temperature to use would be appreciated :bowdown:

Cheers :thumbsup:


5th April 2012, 16:11
Firstly compressed air to get rid of any loose stuff and anything left, use PCB cleaner and an anti-static cloth. That's what I use anyway and it does the trick.

5th April 2012, 16:31
compressed air (i have a compressor) IPA , tooth brush , 1 inch paint brush too for dedusting big boards.


scrape the old glue (superglue?) with a blade then ipa

5th April 2012, 16:32
Cheers guys, will add these bits to my shopping list :thumbsup:

@MJ, I hope it's just Hot Glue, I will ask the seller.

Glue is on the PCB so would be too dangerous to use a blade:butcher

5th April 2012, 16:45
ahh ok , hotglue should be easy to remove - just warm up with an hairdryer i guess

if its super glue can be tough to move, especially on PCBs, ive had it on cpus before, scape then sandpaper off... thermal stickers :-)

5th April 2012, 17:08
Cut bits from a towel and put IPA on it and remove the thermalpast.

Compressed air can hold oil in it if you are using an compressor so be sure to have an oil seperation unit.

Compressed air in a can is the best way to go if you dont have that.

Hotglue can be removed most of the times with just your fingernails ( depending on type)

5th April 2012, 17:20
I normally use a dry paintbrush first to remove all thick dust, then I clean that paintbrush and use it again to apply IPA overall.

If there is more severe goo/crud (like the sticky one from tobacco smoke) I use a tooth brush + IPA on crevices and a microfiber cloth + IPA on flat surfaces .

After all I directly pour a gentle dose of IPA on the whole board to rinse it and remove any remaining loose crud, and then I let it dry, that's what I've found to work better for me.

But in this matter seems that everyone has its own methods upon their available tools (i.e. I haven't an air compressor).

5th April 2012, 17:23
my compressor is a dry air low cfm non water/oil system. ideal for electronics and dusty Pc's. an idustrial one would be a no no . yep ot glue can be picked off usually..

5th April 2012, 19:10
best for glue is label remover, and then IPA and window cleaner for shine

5th April 2012, 21:29
+ 1 for dry paintbrush I have verus sizes for diffrent jobs

and don`t forget Zetros Blue screen wash from the shop its the cheap version of IPA with added cleaning agents and it it don`t smear plus ya can use it in ya car too :lol:

5th April 2012, 21:37
i use a dry paint brush too

and for tougher bits a toothbrush will help

5th April 2012, 21:58
Its all in the brisals :D