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14th April 2012, 22:52
i am looking for a dragon computer prefer a 64 but will look at 32

14th April 2012, 22:54
ar my first ever computer, good luck in your seach

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14th April 2012, 22:55
:picard Can you move the thread to the right forum please John? :thumbsup:

15th April 2012, 00:33
i have never had a dragon but my brother did and that who i am looking for but he does not know i am looking for one for him

20th April 2012, 20:33
i am looking for a dragon computer prefer a 64 but will look at 32

I have 3 and a half dragons ;)

what i mean is i have 1 boxed like new and one spare unboxed (not selling), i also have 2 others that i put in the garden for rubbish (I'll rescue them see if water damaged)


is complete but has a Broken SN74LS783N chip (broken pins) and a faulty power on off switch (stuck in on position, goto unplug/plugin mains to reboot), it also has a bad repair job by me to the RF unit but works.

no motherboard, faulty RF unit(outputs black) but good on /off switch.

both in cases with keyboards.

no PSU or cables.

the price.

Free.. as they are rubbish and need TLC.

if i can get a SN74LS783N i could power up the motherboard to see if it actually works or someone to solder new legs to a broken SN74LS783N.

but a quick google and SN74LS783N is a standard motorola chip for less than a 1 if i can find one.

4th May 2012, 21:14
thanks for the 2 dragons will have a play withem over the weekend

7th June 2012, 22:16
hi guys can feedback be left so we can close thanks