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15th April 2012, 19:16
I am looking for an IDEfix Express (Revision 2).


16th April 2012, 02:16

I have a damaged one here that I inherited from Fitzsteve - I suspect CPLD failure due to incorrect voltage, you would be welcome to it if you fancy a try at its repair.

All I ask is that you do a little photo-log and upload it to your favourite forum and provide us with a link =)

16th April 2012, 13:55
@Zetr0, Well I could give it a try, not sure if I could fix it in any way. PM follows.

Either way I am looking forward to find a working one. :)

16th April 2012, 13:56
I assume the code isn't available for the CPLD...?

Its a shame that so many of these addons have undumped pal/gal/cplds

16th April 2012, 14:43

The IDEFix Express is actually still supported by Individual Computers, Jens might be able to help - however CPLD code is something very closely guarded or there will be a billion and 1 clones eminating from China and all the money put into research would be lost =(

16th April 2012, 16:33
While I didn't realise this device was still supported, my comments were a generalisation. Lots of devices will die with no replacement parts available.

Also, if the Chinese thought there was any money in it, it would still be cloned.

There are devices to create logical equals to pal/gals. You can also get chips decapped and read under an electron microscope for $300 per chip.

It's only not been bothered with as it's too niche and soon as the code is read, prices will race to the bottom as they out compete each other... It happens time and time again.

I will post some links to the devices I was talking about and decapping services when I'm back at a pc.

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