View Full Version : Closed Amiga HD upgrade pack with a Blizzard 1260 +scsi kit.

15th April 2012, 19:58
Price is 750 euros +postal fees + paypal fees for upgrade pack or optionally 1000 euros for complete system. Pictures at bottom. Will post inside Europe only. Will prefer to post with a safe tracked delivery. If interested, please state which option you are interested in.

I am moving to a PowerPC powered accelerator card and therefore I am offering for sale the following as a complete upgrade package for your Amiga 1200:

Option A)

One 40 pin ide to Compact Flash adapter. Note that I will either include the one in the picture or another similar adapter that is currently up, running and working in my amiga. They are the same but I have not yet tested the one in the picture. However you will receive a tested and fully functional adapter. Upon request I will also include a short ide cable. (not in the picture, actually my only cable is in my amiga right now but I can arrange another one)

One 4GB Compact Flash card and a OS-INSTALL diskette for hard drive emergency installation.
This Compact Flash card will come pre installed with Workbench 3.1.

You will of course also receive original workbench 3.1 diskettes so as to have the license for this OS. Therefore this should be completely legal. Mods may correct me if I am wrong. It is also no problem to sell the CF card as empty and unpartitioned if that should be desired.

One boxed, used, fully functional Blizzard 1260 @ 50MHz. Included is User's manual and original Powerup 68k accelerator system disk. (same diskette may also be used for installing powerup software for powerpc accelerator cards, a powerpc accelerator card is not included). Box itself has some wear and tear but is still good looking in a trophy shelf.

One SCSI kit for Blizzard 68k accelerator cards. Includes SCSI tool disk. Allows for installation of extra RAM and connecting SCSI device such as a cd-rom drive.

128MB + 64MB of RAM. This should be perfect amount for any kind of whdload use and demos and what not. As you may see from pictures, even the 128MB simm locks in place! so there is no need for rubber band or hair band or such.

Internal SCSI cable that can be secured with a screw to the optional trapdoor slot in the back of your Amiga 1200.

Price is 750 euros +post + paypal fees. Will post inside Europe only. Will prefer to post with a safe tracked delivery.



As an added bonus:

Option B)
All of the above and:

-Optional FREE External SCSI CD-ROM drive and external SCSI cable
Though I donīt want to split this package, you may buy the rest of this package with or without this "free" cd-rom device because it is heavy and will add a lot to the postage cost. (around 40 euros extra inside europe). Note that getting cd-rom to work in an amiga takes a little bit of work because a CD File System is required. I got it working in classicwb39 but it is not easy to install classicwb39! Also OS3.9 is not included in this package. Also got it working in workbench 3.1 but only after installing shareware version of idefix97 software. (not included in this sale). CD-ROM may be posted as a separate package to make sure it does not crush things.



Price with the cd-rom is the same 750 euros +paypal fees, but postage fees will be higher.

Option C)

Option A or B AND also, optionally, If you want to make it a complete working Amiga 1200 Turbo system with a motherboard, diskette drive and a desktop or tower case thrown in, just ask. I will try to arrange parts for you if desired, though this may take a little bit of time and obviously also increases postal fees! For complete boxed Amiga Magic pack system OR Infinitiv Tower system including the upgrade pack as described above, the price would be 1000 euros +postage fees +paypal fees.

a small demonstration video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWESRxH4fBQ&list=UU6yaXBViE--WhJWa8eytRSg&index=1&feature=plcp

Thanks for looking. I hope this goes to an interested collector or Amiga enthusiast who just could not get a Blizzard 1260 otherwise before this.

26th April 2012, 10:45
After a lot of re thinking, I have decided against selling the 1260. Itīs too good to sell so I am putting it in my other case while waiting to get funds to buy another PPC. Itīs silent, powerful, not too hot. Ever so elegant to run cwb39 with. No nag messages about ppc libraries on boot. No fans. Itīs perfect. I want to keep it :cool:

I will reconsider what I am about to sell and will make threads for individual items after I get my projects ready and finished.

Please mods close this thread.

Sorry all. :oops: